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SAAFI Project

The Sexual Assault Awareness & Forensic Intervention (SAAFI) Project is CFA’s initiative aimed at curbing sexual violence (rape) in Nigerian communities. The SAAFI Project is designed to address issues surrounding ignorance of the rules of consent, incident response practices (for victims) and available support systems amongst community members as well as engaging community health care workers in knowledge sharing sessions on medical care for victims and the legal requirements for court.

We envision a future where members of our communities know the rules of consent and victims seek help towards obtaining justice and healing.


Volunteers of the SAAFI Project are committed to delivering awareness events in collaboration with their community health centers with the aim of addressing cultural norms that shift blame to the victim rather than the perpetrator and urging audiences to discourage rape apologist’ behavior amongst themselves while also making available print resources to audiences for reference purposes.

Additionally, volunteers of the project are poised to deliver a training program, in form of knowledge sharing sessions, to health workers in their collaborating health center on medico-legal care for victims of sexual violence in an effort to provide support for victims and help them pursue justice for the crime.


This cycle of the SAAFI Project aims to reach an onsite audience of 500 people through the awareness events educating them on the issue of sexual violence and train 20 community health workers on medico-legal care for victims of sexual violence.

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The impact of the SAAFI Project is expected to spread across the nation, with teams in communities within Abuja, Anambra, Edo, Delta, and Lagos, Rivers, Ogun, Osun and Oyo State.

The SAAFI Project delivers resource materials in form of double-sided flyers to aid awareness. The resource material defines sexual violence, educates on rules of consent, what to do following an incident, addresses a number of misconceptions about sexual assault and informs on Sexual Assaults Referral Centers (SARCs) across Nigeria.

The SAAFI resource flyer is available for download and print in 5 (five) languages: English, Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin and Yoruba.

Implementing Partners

YALI Network Lagos
She Reforms Initiative


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