About Us

Who we are

Community for Forensic Awareness (CFA) is a youth led forensic awareness and advocacy community working to see the advancement of forensic science in Nigeria. Through CFA passionate and visionary young leaders voice out and take action to advance forensic science methodologies to tackle the growing insecurity and injustice in communities across Nigeria.


The criminal justice and security challenges faced by Nigeria as a nations has been a major factor in the slow paced movement towards achieving sustainable development in the country. There is need for scientific advancement such as forensic science to build capacity and provide the required efficiency and sophistication which is lacking. But a challenge posed is the lack of awareness of these scientific solutions and advances among stakeholders. Hence, in a quest to address the shallow understanding and slow acceptance of forensics, we take action through awareness activities and advocacy programs to advance the adoption of forensic science in various sectors and communities in Nigeria.

What we do

Educate Stakeholders on Forensics

You may not be familiar with the concepts in forensic science. So we make it a pleasure to break it down.

Highlight Anecdotal Accounts

We basically highlight cases where forensic science applies. Bringing you real life applications of the science so you know the potential impact forensics could have in your community and society.

Advocate for Provisions required to Accommodate Forensics

Implementation of forensic science has to be done right. It's a process. Adequate legislation needs to be in place and necessary funds need to be set aside, among other things, to make forensics work. It's our business to call out for these.

Amplify the Voices of Existing Advocates

Only with our collective voices can we truly make a difference! Together we can!

We are

For Forensics!

Our Global Goal

Connect and engage with the Community