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What is Forensic Science?

Are you new to the concept of forensic science? Not to worry, this short video will clear things up! At least to a reasonable extent. You will get to know the definition of forensics, where it applies, branches of the science and their roles.
Forensic Intelligence: How It can help to improve criminal investigation 01 hours ago

The evolution and advancement in investigative strategies, processes, and technology has over time

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The Dilemma of Children in a World of Conflict 07 hours ago

Sometimes, it’s two countries armed to the teeth at loggerheads amid terrorist attacks

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Setting up Forensic Labs in Nigeria: What we need to know 07 hours ago

Forensic science offers numerous possibilities for crime investigation in Nigeria, as most criminals

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Forensic Ballistics: A bullet that provides answers 07 hours ago

A forensic ballistic expert helps the investigation and the court understand & determining

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Religious Violence: Re-establishing Rights to Freedom of Expression 07 hours ago

Be it Christianity or Islam, every religion claims the message they bear is

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The Sexual Assault Awareness and Forensic Intervention Project is a designed to curb sexual violence (rape) in Nigerian communities.
Engaging audiences in conversations on forensic related issues in Nigeria.

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